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Why Buy A Cochrane & Co Hair Replacement System?

Our men's hair replacement systems at Cochrane & Co in London are designed to offer a stylish, comfortable, and authentic answer for men struggling with hair loss. Our years of experience developing and cutting male hair systems have given us the knowledge to source the finest quality systems made from the best hair and the most advanced materials available. Say goodbye to your receding hairline, bald spot, and throw away your toupee! We offer you an affordable and easy journey when you choose our durable, stylish, and undetectable looks for gents. 

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Hair Loss Solutions for Men - FAQs

Can I supply my own hair replacement system?


Yes, we are usually able to fit most systems that are made of natural hair including PU membrane and tape and lace systems.

How much is a hair replacement system refit?


A Refit & Style Service costS £175 and includes removal of the system, cleaning, conditioning, cut and style of your natural hair and takes 2 hours.

What are hair systems made of?


Hair systems are made from high-grade human hair sourced from India. This is woven onto a polyskin or lace membrane and then styled accordingly.

What base materials do you use for hair systems?


We use polyskin or lace bases. Some hair systems contain both materials. These materials affix to the scalp comfortably and allow for adequate ventilation and breathability.

What length are hair systems?


Our standard men’s hair replacement systems are 6 inches in length. They can then be styled according to your unique preferences.

How much does a hair system cost?


Systems start at £599 for Supply, Fit, Cut and Style. View our prices here

What if I don't like my new hair?


We will have a conversation and consultation before your appointment. But if you're not happy with the results we can remove and restyle your hair until you find a look you are happy with. We're here to work with you!

Do hair system colours fade?


Hair replacement system colours last as they would in natural hair. We advise that clients use sulfate-free shampoos and don't spend excessive amounts of time in the sun to enhance colour longevity.

How long do customised men’s hair pieces take to make?


We require three months to create a customised hair system based on client specifications. Standard systems can be purchased and styled much sooner. During your consultation for hair replacement for men, we will advise how long your hair system will take to fit, cut, and style.


Will you shave my head before fitting my hair system?


Yes. Our hair system technicians will shave the parts of your head where the system is affixed. We work expertly with your hair ensuring proper blending for a totally natural and discreet look.


What type of hair do you use for the hair replacement system?


We mainly use Indian hair which is ethically sourced from the major temples in India where people donate their hair for charity to maintain the temples. Your hair is 100% natural human hair* (* grey hair is not always 100% human.)

What does it feel like to wear a hair system?


Your hair feels lightweight and is firmly affixed so you will not feel like you are wearing a hair replacement system.

How do you make a hair replacement system?


To stop the hair from becoming tangled, the protective layer called the cuticle is stripped from the hair shaft. The hair is then bleached and recoloured to the required shade.

This bleaching process also ensures that the hair is sanitised. The hair strands are then sealed with silicone which replaces the stripped back cuticle layer, leaving the hair glossy and tangle free.

Do hair systems feel like real hair?


Yes, we use real donated hair in order to make the hair pieces. This makes it feel like having a normal head of hair.

Will hair systems hurt my scalp?


No. Our hair systems are made with breathable membranes that enable proper ventilation. They are also fitted with a special hypo-allergenic adhesive that won’t irritate your scalp.

Book A Consultation

Consultations are necessary if you have not had a hair system before. We prefer to meet with you in our salon but can also carry out online Consultations. You can book a Consultation via our website. We charge a nominal fee of £25 for a 30 minute session with one of our hair system experts, but we give you the £25 back as a credit if you decide to go ahead with a New Hair System.


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Hair Replacement Prices

C&C Unique New Hair System - Supply, Cut, Fit & Style £699-
C&C Lace New Hair System - Supply, Cut , Fit & Style £649-
C&C Standard New Hair System - Supply, Cut, Fit & Style £599-
C&C Unique New Hair System - Supply Only £449-
C&C Lace New Hair System - Supply Only £399-
C&C Standard New Hair System - Supply Only £349-
Own Hair System - Cut, Fit & Style £299-
Own Hair System service includes cutting in, fitting and styling of a new hair system supplied by the client.  Takes 2 hours.
Hair System - Refit & Style £175-
Refit & Style service includes removal of the system, cleaning, conditioning, cut and style of natural hair.  Takes 2 hours.
Hair System - Cut & Style £75-
Cut & Style service is just a cut and style of natural hair. Does not include removal or cleaning of the hair system. Takes 45 mins
Hair System Colour (from) £35-
Hair System Consultation £25-
Consultations are necessary if you have not had a hair system before.  They take 30 minutes with one of our hair system experts, but we give you the £25 back as a credit if you decide to go ahead with a New Hair System.

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