5 Ways You Can Slow Down Hair Loss

Thinning hair and hair loss are both sensitive and emotional issues for both men and women, affecting how you see yourself, and your personality – causing self-confidence and self-consciousness issues. There is help available as the medical profession is becoming acutely aware of how hair loss can change lives. The first step is often to see your doctor to get a professional recommendation, and then you can explore your options.

The following five dermatologist-approved strategies can help slow down hair loss:

Alopecia_femeninaMediation and exercise: an active mediation regime such as tai chi can control stress, and getting in better shape reduces cortisol – a stress-related hormone.

Minoxidil: this is a topical application of liquid or foam that’s used to thicken the hair and slow down the shedding – increasing blood flow and nutrients to the follicles.

Vitamin D: helps hair reset its growth phase and is especially important during winter months when there’s less sunlight.

PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) injections: your bold-enriched platelets are re-injected into your scalp, going directly into the follicle to stimulate growth.

Laser light treatment: red light is used to reduce inflammation and stimulate hair growth in the follicle, keeping it healthy – treatment given three times a week can increase hair density significantly.

Hair Care Tips and Advice

You need to give the same care to your scalp as you do to your skin. Washing your hair twice a week will keep follicles clear of debris and oil, moisturise your scalp, and stimulate circulation with the massaging action, and don’t forget to always style gently. Remember that tight braiding, weaves, and buns aren’t good for your hair as this can cause a type of hair loss known as traction alopecia. Always wear a hat in the strong sun to prevent damage to the hair and scalp.
Eating a diet to strengthen hair is a healthy way to go! Add sources of protein such as Greek yoghurt, and anti-oxidants can be found in sweet potatoes, carrots, and mangos – all helping to protect against dry hair that easily breaks. Fatty acids are essential to keep the scalp from drying out – nuts and oily fish are ideal for keeping hair shiny and fuller. Get your dose of iron from cereals, pasta, and eggs – not enough iron in your diet can also lead to hair loss.

Other Hair Loss Solutions

Hair replacement systems are a great way to avoid surgical hair replacement procedures as they’re totally non-invasive. Visit your local salon to discuss all your options with a specially trained hair loss expert. With the latest diagnostic technology, you’ll get a system that lets you swim, shower, exercise, and live your usual active lifestyle.

Advanced hair replacement products combine a membrane base with real human hair which gives lifelike results. The hair can be styled and cut any way you like, and the hairline is invisible at the front, making this a hair loss solution that’s reliable, simple to maintain, and right for you!