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Hair Systems - FAQ

Hair replacement systems

by Cochrane and Co.

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London Hair Replacement Systems

Paul Cochrane Answers Common Questions About Hair Replacement System

Where Does the Hair Come From?

All hair used in our German-designed hair replacement system is real human hair, sourced in India from major temples such as the Tirupati.

Why do you use Indian hair?

We use Indian hair because of its strength, texture and the suitability to our clients, it represents the best blend between cost, comfort and longevity.

We’ve learned that there are some serious allegations about the harvesting of hair from ethnic Uyghur women who have been incarcerated by the Chinese government. These women, who keep their hair long because of their cultural traditions, are having their heads shaved when they are placed in detention centers (called Education Centers). Their hair is given to other inmates who, in forced labour situations, turn the hair into hairpieces to be exported to western countries.

Cochrane & Co is committed to using only ethically-sourced hair weaves and hairpieces. We monitor our supply chain and will continue to monitor the supplies we get to ensure that we are not unwittingly contributing to a human rights violation which is why we also use ethically sourced Indian hair.

What Is the Process That the Hair Goes Through In Order to Become a Hair System?

To stop the hair from constantly tangling, the protective layer called the cuticle is stripped from the hair shaft. The hair is then bleached and recoloured to the required shade. This bleaching process also ensures that the hair is sanitised. The hair strands are then sealed with silicone which replaces the stripped back cuticle layer.

How Much Does a Hair System Cost?

Systems start at £579 for Supply, Fit, Cut and Style.

Can I Supply My Own System?

Yes, we are usually able to fit most systems that are made of natural hair including PU membrane and tape and lace systems.

Hair Replacement Systems London

How Often Do I Need to Clean and Refit the system?

Depending on your lifestyle, we would recommend a refit every 2-6 weeks. More active people need to remove, cleanse and refit the system more often. You can come into the salon for this service or you can do this yourself. Either way, we show you how.

How Long Can I Expect My Hair System to Last?

Depending on your lifestyle and how you look after your system we usually find it lasts on average around 15 weeks. However, with the right care, systems can last 6 months or more.

How Much Is a Refit?

£175 for a Membrane System and £195 for a Tape & Lace.

Can I Shower with the Hair System?

Yes, you can, however, it is important to use the right hair products in order to prolong the life of your system.

What Shampoo and Conditioner Should I Use?

We advise you to use shampoos and conditioners without sulphate. We offer a range of SULFATE-FREE SHAMPOOs & CONDITIONERs from Joico. These products contain 19 amino acids and being sulphate free, reduce the fading of the system, prolonging the colour and life of the system. We also recommend a standard aftercare kit which contains everything you need to help you care for your system following the first fitting.

Can I Swim with the System?

Yes, you can, however, the chlorine in the water will break down the bond and fade the colour quicker. Therefore, if you are regularly swimming for exercise, we recommend wearing two swimming hats to protect the hair system.

Will the System Stay on During Physical Activity?

Yes, as long as it is correctly bonded down it will stay in place. Many of our clients live very active lifestyles from being in the army, police force, sports people, dancers, performers, swimmers and footballers.

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