Best 8 Hairstyles for Hair Systems – Men Haircuts

With the development of hair replacement systems that use membrane bases with real human hair that produce a breathable comfortable solution for hair loss with lifelike results, there’s a great range of trending hairstyles on offer! Take a look at just some of the best hairstyles for hair systems – men haircuts here:

1. Short and Sleek

A sharp undercut will give a professional yet stylish look which is really easy to maintain. Ideal for bald spots or thinning hair, the hair is cut and shaved to blend in with your natural hair, and applying styling products such as wax or paste will keep the smooth look and prevent spikes.

2. Long and Wavy

This confidence-boosting style gives a versatile, sexy, and stylish look as it can be left down to air dry before being styled for everyday wear. Styling products including oils and leave-in conditioners will keep long hair looking healthy, and hair dryers or straighteners will achieve the finished style you want.

3. Classic

A timeless hairstyle that works well with most hair types and is suitable for both male pattern balding and thinning hair, as the cut is so simple. Perfect for medium length hair as it can be worn slicked back for a sharp look, or dried naturally for a more relaxed style.

4. Choppy

This heavily textured style is tapered to the scalp whilst the longer top section is given choppy layers and styled with a wax-based pomade to give control and malleability. The fringe features chipping for added visual effect and is a variant on the short back and sides style.

hair system hair cuts

5. Long Fringed

Choose from long fringed styles that fall freely onto the forehead with neat sides so that the style is all happening on top of the head – the right base cut can also be styled in a messy option. Or, go for the heavy, long fringe where smooth layers of hair are pulled over the eye and precisely clipped over the ears and around the nape of the neck.

6. Short Fringed

The short textured fringe is uncomplicated with a range of styling options that are timeless and distinct. Soft contours contrast with rough hair textures to give basic fashion appeal. Updated versions offer short sideburns or bangs with layered longer length hair on the crown and into the neck. These versatile looks can be styled with gel or wax to turn professional day looks into wild night ones!

7. Undercut

This style features shaved short hair at the sides with long hair on top. Suitable for hair that’s straight, wavy, or curly, you can comb the hair on top backwards or sideways, or even apply gel to totally spike it up!

8. Pompadour

This classic rock star style has short hair on the back and sides and very long hair on the top. You can comb the hair in the front backwards to create an even higher volume, and then have a general receding look towards the back.

Your Bespoke Hair Salon

Search for a hair replacement studio that specialises in hair pieces for men! Stylists will be experienced and committed to providing you with effective non-surgical solutions to your hair loss problems leaving you immaculately styled and groomed. You’ll be able to discuss what treatments and styles suit you, and choose a stylish cut with a fresh new look giving you self-confidence in abundance!

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