Non Surgical Hair Replacement Myths and Facts


If you’re losing hair and not happy to embrace the concept of ‘bald is beautiful’ you may turn to the internet to research your options. Within a very short space of time you probably be utterly confused. You’ll discover lotions, potions, pills, and nostrums, all reputed to slow down or even reverse hair loss. Some have solid scientific evidence behind them, others have more than a whiff of the old wives tale.

Then there are the options to replace hair. Basically, you have a choice between surgical treatments, e.g. a transplant, or a non-surgical hair replacement system. Once again myths abound and it can be hard to separate current reality from out-of-date ideas.

Separating the Myths from the Facts About Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Myth 1: Hair replacement system is just a fancy name for a wig or toupee

Even the question of just what is a hair system and what it is not can cause confusion. A hair system is fully customised to the individual, made of human hair which is woven into a super-fine, fully breathable base membrane. Wigs and toupees are generally bought ‘off the shelf’; they’re heavier, much less customised, far less comfortable and much less discrete. Which leads us to…


Myth 2: You can always spot a hair replacement system

Poorly made hair systems with unnatural front lines or badly selected pieces that don’t match your natural colour, density or growth patterns will stand out in the worst way. If choose you a well-established professional with a good reputation to supply your hair system and follow their advice you can expect that your replacement hair will be indistinguishable from your own.

Myth 3. There’s no point in doing anything about hair loss until it gets really severe.

If hair loss is something you’d like to keep to yourself it makes sense to address it sooner rather than later. Going from sparse hair to a full head is going to be much more obvious to friends, family and colleagues than starting to use a hair replacement system at an early stage.

Just as importantly, a hair replacement specialist is also an expert on hair loss. When you visit one you’ll get an individualised assessment of the likely reasons for your own hair thinning, and the best possible advice on the things you can do to slow down or reverse the process.

Myth 4: Hair replacement systems limit your lifestyle

You can swim, shower or play sports while wearing a hair system. You won’t dislodge it and providing you follow the advice you’ll be given, you won’t damage it.

Myth 5: Hair systems irritate your scalp

They shouldn’t because they’re light and breathable. Some people do have a reaction to the more common bonding agents used to hold the system in place. If you happen to be one of these there are hypoallergenic adhesives available.

Myth 6: Hair systems can’t be worn in the sun

You will need to take extra care of your hair system in hot weather, especially to make sure that strong sunlight doesn’t cause colour fade. The person who fits your system will advise you on all of this.

Myth 7: Hair systems are expensive and inflexible

When you start to investigate non surgical hair replacement in London you may well be pleasantly surprised. There are many options out there and there will be one that’s perfect for you. As to the cost, well that’s an individual judgement, but tens of thousands of people in the UK decide every year that the investment they make into hair replacement represents good value for their money.

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