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Get Your Confidence Back With A Men's Hair System

Get your confidence back along with your hairline with a men's hair system from Cochrane & Co Hair Replacement in London. We offer reliable, high-quality hair systems for men that are easy to wear, feel completely secure, and are undetectable. Our lace and skin systems blend perfectly with your natural hair, and our brilliant hair stylists know exactly how to style your new system because we've been helping balding men to look and feel more confident with a full head of hair for years.

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Please note:  Our consultations are detailed so we ask for a £25 deposit which we give back to you as credit once you decide to go ahead with your new hair system.

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It's Time To Rethink Hair Loss

There are many reasons why you might be losing your hair, but with today's modern hair systems, you really can hide your bald spot without anyone realising you are wearing a hair piece.

Say goodbye to your receding hairline and thinning hair and say hello to a full head with a men's hair system that blends perfectly with your existing hair and is styled exactly as you want it. You'll look and feel great.

Our hair systems will not break the bank, and we have different styles, options, and prices to suit your needs. One thing we do promise is that this will transform your life as you regain your confidence.

men's hair systems in London

Instant & Natural Hair Loss Solutions 

Our Cochrane & Co hair systems look real, feel comfortable, and give instant results. You can sleep in your hair system, exercise in it, swim in it, and just go about your daily life without fear of it moving or lifting.

After 3-4 months you will feel it's time for a refit or maybe you'll need a trim or colour refresh. You can either book in to see us in our Holborn salon or we'll give you the tools so you can do it yourself in the comfort of your home. 

Remember, all our stylists are experienced in working with hair systems for men.  As well as fitting your hair system, we also offer cutting, styling, finishing, colouring and even perming services for men who wear hair replacement systems.  

quality men's hair systems in London

How Do I Get Started?

We're glad you asked! We are experts in fitting and styling men's hair systems and have people visiting us from across London, the UK, and overseas.

Our hair system experts completely empathise with the emotional impact of hair loss - it can be a distressing experience and massively affect your confidence.

Please remember that affordable solutions are available to help restore your confidence. Your first step is to book a consultation at Cochrane & Co Hair Replacement London. We prefer to meet with you in our salon but can also carry out online consultations.

We charge a nominal fee of £25 for a 30-minute session with one of our hair system experts, but we give you the £25 back as a credit if you decide to go ahead with a new hair system. You can book a consultation online or call us on 020 7405 7797.

Cochrane & Co men's hair systems in London

Read Our Five Star Google Reviews

"Best quality men's hair systems & best service"

Thomas H says: "I can say with confidence that the service I received and the quality of the hair piece is far superior at Cochrane & Co. From the moment I walked in I felt reassured, comfortable and was given all the information I needed. For anyone considering a hairpiece, look no further for the best in quality and the best service!"

"It's like I have my real hair back!

Henry J says: "The hair replacement system from Cochrane & Co really helped me cope with my hair loss. The system is comfortable, easy to maintain and makes me feel like I have my real hair back, which is in itself a great confidence booster. I highly recommend them if you’re suffering from hair loss."

"I feel and look so young again"

Chris Taylor says: "Changed my life!!!  I had no idea just how much this would impact my life in a positive way and I just want to give tons of thanks to Cochrane & Co. In my job looking good is one of the most important things to succeed. I feel and look so young again and amazing!"