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Natural Ways To Increase Blood Circulation To The Scalp

There are three stages of hair growth – where each strand of hair is at its own phase of development. Once the cycle is complete it restarts and a new strand of hair begins to form.

Hair grows around half an inch every month – faster in the summer than the winter. Research has shown that you can actually speed up hair growth by massaging your scalp, as this stimulates the blood flow. See natural ways to increase blood circulation to the scalp here…

Be Scalp Massage Savvy

Circulation to the scalp is essential for hair growth. Hair follicles starved of blood quickly die. How to increase scalp blood circulation is done simply by scalp exercise and massage.

You can give yourself a massage by rubbing in circular motions at the side of your head above the ears, followed by the front of your head, and then the back. As you massage your scalp will naturally loosen and relax – reducing stress and tension as circulation is enhanced.

A recent study has indicated that massages are an effective method to strengthen weak hair follicles. And of encouraging hair growth following hair fall. Scalp massages help circulate all the essential nutrients to the hair follicles.

Enjoy Scalp Exercises

Carry on improving circulation by doing scalp exercises that relieve unnatural tension – and ensure the blood flow to the scalp stays unrestricted. Try two basic exercises that are really effective:

  • Raise your eyebrows as high as you can
  • Lower your eyebrows as far as they will go

This ensures you relax the forehead removing any tension that can relate to hair loss.

Natural Remedies

how to increase scalp blood circulation

Factors such as centrally heated homes and chemicals in shampoos and conditioners can lead to an unnourished and dehydrated scalp. Using essential oils like rosemary and almond can warm the scalp as you massage, and hydrate as you go.

Encourage hair growth with neck exercise – moving your head and neck from side to side can also release trapped tension and stress in the surrounding muscles. Improved blood circulation and increased blood flow will boost hair growth and help to prevent hair damage.

Vitamins and minerals to incorporate in your diet include:

  • Niacin – hair vitamin B3 that increases blood flow to the scalp – and has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Biotin – vitamin B7 can be found in a range of foods including eggs, sunflower seeds, sweet potatoes, and lean meat
  • Antioxidants – such as zinc and selenium that protect the hair from premature damage and ageing – food sources include red meats, almonds, egg yolks, and soy products

Bespoke Hair Care Treatments

If your hair fall becomes a serious concern you may want to consider visiting the specialists. Professional hair treatments will be available – and you’ll still be able to enjoy the latest trends.

Hair replacement systems are non-surgical and designed to suit you. Trained stylists at Cochrane & Co hair salon will talk you through the process – and then fit your hair system for you. You’ll be given all the support and advice you need on maintaining, styling, and looking after your scalp.

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